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Consensus Conference on Larynx Preservation for Laryngeal/ Hypopharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Ven 12 apr 2024

Larynx Preservation represents an important option for patients affected by Locally Advanced (LA) Laryngo-Hypopharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma (LHSCC), given the chance to provide a curative treatment without affecting the ability to speak. However, to date the indications for the available strategies of Larynx Preservation – i.e., surgical preservation, induction chemotherapy, and concomitant chemoradiation treatment – are still debated. International Guidelines do not provide meticulous indications, instead recommending a case-by-case discussion also keeping into consideration the expertise of each Multidisciplinary Tumour Board.

The purpose of this Consensus Project is to dissect the topics with scanty literature, summarise the current evidence, point out the most debated questions, enlighten the fields needing further research and provide expert opinions on topics with inadequate clinical evidence.


Prof Piero Nicolai (Padua, Italy)
Prof Roberto Maroldi (Brescia, Italy)
Prof Paolo Bossi (Humanitas Milan, Italy)
Dr Marco Ferrari (Padua, Italy)

Dr Francesca Mularoni (Padua, Italy)
Dr Piergiorgio Gaudioso (Padua, Italy)
Dr Davide Smussi (Brescia, Italy)


Centro Congressi Humanitas, Rozzano (MI)


Programme and registration info available on https://consensuslarynx.studioprogress.it/